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What is Unstoppable Moms?

Unstoppable Moms is a community created to support moms who are at a cross road in their lives - it's time to do something new, something exciting, rejuvenating, thrilling, satisfying...but there is something blocking you.

It's time to get past that and live your life to the fullest, be all that you can and want to be!

My name is Janet le Camp, and I'm the founder of Unstoppable Moms. 

After more than a decade of searching, researching, trial and error, and a ton of learning and personal transformation, I created Unstoppable Moms 
to help other women 
who want transformation too!


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For moms facing extraordinary challenges, specifically moms who have children with addictions and/or mental illness. You'll find connection, hope, and inspiration. 
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Who is Janet le Camp?

Janet's Early Life

Janet grew up in Penetanguishene Ontario, Canada, on the shore of Georgian Bay. Janet's dad was a World War II vet and an entrepreneur, and they lived in a house at the marina that her dad built. Janet's mom was a veterinarian and high school science teacher. 

Education and Career

Janet didn't really know what she wanted to be when she grew up, so she tried lots of things! With a diploma in Agroecology and an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree, Janet headed north to the Yukon territory. Janet studied some more and earned a Certificate in Women's Studies and a Master's Degree in Community Health Science. 

In 1997, Janet began working extensively in the area of social services, from the front line (residential youth treatment, women's shelter, detox, and with adults living with intellectual disabilities) to management (executive director of two non-government agencies), and later shifted to public policy in the public service (director of corporate policy and communications with the Yukon government). 

Two of Janet's favourite things to do throughout these years were hiking and working with dogs, mostly rescues. And, in 1995 she had a daughter who now carries on the family tradition of hiking and rescuing dogs!

After almost 20 years in the Yukon, Janet moved back to Ontario and continued in public policy until 2011, when she became a Realtor!

A Decade in Real Estate (2011-2021)

Many people believe that real estate is all about selling. 
And for some people it sure is! 

For Janet, it was about helping people make the best choices about the biggest investments in their lives while providing homes for their families; building relationships of trust; and being someone each client can count on!

Unstoppable Moms

Janet obtained her certification as a 
Licensed Rapid Transformational Therapy® Practitioner to complement her formal education, and her research and personal transformation, and to aid other women to transform their lives too.

The mission:
To help women who want to transform their lives!

Ontario Canada 
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